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Cona Original All Glass Coffee Maker

1850s to 1950s

Cona has evolved from a partnership formed in the 1850s as an import and export company. Cona is famous for producing the Cona Coffee Machine in about 1910, which was the original all-glass coffee maker.

The Cona Coffee Machine employs vacuum filtration to make sure that the coffee blend is infused at the correct temperature and properly filtered. Using two chambers and the gentle pressure created by air and water vapour, vacuum filtration is used to produce coffee which is clean, crisp, rich and smooth.

Because the coffee is prepared entirely in glass this ensures the full extraction of the alkaloids and oils which give each coffee its unique flavour without being tainted by metals or plastics.

Cona was incorporated as a limited company in 1924 and began producing coffee makers for the catering trade in the 1950s, which were used in many Lyons Corner Houses and Railway waiting rooms.

Cona Retro Coffee Maker

1960s to Today

The NEW Table Model, designed by Abram Games, was introduced in the 1960s and has been sold throughout the world, considered by coffee connoisseurs to be the best method for making coffee.

Cona introduced their range of Burshaw stainless steel water boilers in the late 1960s and widened their range of Cona catering equipment to include filter coffee makers and toasters.

Cona moved from their sites in Wimbledon and Walton-on-Thames in 1998 to a larger factory unit in West Molesey in order to bring more of their production in house and to give us better control over quality.

In 2014 Cona moved to Cranleigh to concentrate on domestic coffee makers.

Cona Ltd. is a UK limited company registered with Companies House, Company Number 195096.

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