Glass Coffee Maker Spares

Key Spare Parts

Cona Coffee Maker Spares Space
Bowl + Handle
Funnel + Seal
Lamp + Cap
Glass Drainer
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Spares List:

A007C/BBowl "C" with sleeve (also for REX)
A008D/BBowl "D" with sleeve
A0l9C/FFunnel "C" with seal (also for REX)
A020D/FFunnel "D' with seal
A026S/GDGlass Drainer (Universal)
A033S/FH Funnel Holder (Kitchen Model)
A042FB/FS Funnel Seal for Standard Kitchen Model
A044AD/FSFunnel Seal (A/D)
A048AD/BSBowl Sleeve (A/D)
A050sS/PLPouring Lid for Standard Kitchen Model
A051AD/LBLamp Body (A/D)
A052AD/XExtinguisher Cap (A/D)
B068CD/SStand for Table Model (C/D) Chrome
B068ACD/SG Stand for Table Model (C/D) Gold
S007AD/LLamp complete (A/D)
S007ACL/LClassic Lamp complete
S021AD/TWTable Warmer (AD) Glass
S026CD/HAHandle Assembly (B/C/D)
S028AD/TWGTable Warmer (A/D) Gold
S029AD/WAWick Assembly (A/D)
Please note that some parts are still available for models not listed
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