Cona Catering Products

These products are no longer in production but most spare parts are readily available.

Filter Coffee Makers
Coffee Makers
Rotary Conveyor Toasters
Salamander Grills
Water Boilers
Water Boilers

Our Cona catering product range consists of coffee makers, stainless steel toasters, grills and boilers.

The coffee maker range consists of 'Pour On' and 'Pour-N-Store' models and all have a simple to use filter system, precision thermostat for perfect coffee, and low consumption self-adjusting hotplates.

The toaster range consists of stainless steel rotary and conveyor style toasters delivery mechanism; both have adjustable temperate control, are installed with Incoloy® Heating Elements, and can deliver 300 to 500 slices per hour, dependant on the model.

The stainless steel grill is installed with Incoloy® Heating Elements and has a adjustable temperate control.

The compact water boiler range consists of three stainless steel water boiler models, Automatic fill and Manual fill with sight glass, and without sight glass. The design has a double wall so they are cool to the touch and has a capacity of 8 litres.